The making of the exclusive Australian Stockman’s Saddlery World Cup Saddle

1. The tree

Using a traditional wood steel tree, I hand-strain the webbing for a softer seat. The benefit of using a webbing seat is that it rides down into the spot where the owner sits.

2. Padding the seat

Foam and felt are used as padding in the seat, as they will not collapse after years of hard work.

3. Checking the seat

It’s always important to check the seat as you are building. During my apprenticeship, my old boss used to say that “It should be like sticking your bum in a bucket of water”. This means there shouldn’t be any pressure points in the seat to rub the rider’s bottom.

4. Knee pads

Making the knee pad caps and sewing in the crocodile inserts.

5. Cutting out

Hand-cutting all pieces of the saddle

6. Blocking seat

Blocking the leather in the seat. Sewing the insert into the cantle.

7. Sewing seat in

Hand sewing the seat to the flaps

8. Installing seat and flaps

Next is to wet and mould the top of the saddle onto the tree.

9. Skirts

The skirts are wet and moulded to the tree, then rigging plates are added along with the crocodile inlays. They are then laced together and put on the saddle.

10. The finished product

Ready for work or play.

11.the finished product2
11. the finished product